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In Pre-Production


This expressionist movie is finished and will be submitted to film festivals.

We financed it with a successful Kickstarter campaign.

The story:
A successful stock broker wakes up trapped underneath the rubble of a
derailed train. Slowly he realizes that the train had derailed next to the sea, and he is lying on the ground by low-tide and the flood is coming in. He hears the voice of another survivor, an old man, and tries to get to him before the water drowns them both.

We thankfully recognize the support from the City of Lethbridge for providing us with a great location. 

Conner Christmas as Thomas
Donald Morin as John
Erin Mick as Julia
Roy Pogorzelski as Father of Julia
Janice Reil as Mother of Julia

Writer/Director: Thorsten 
Director of Photography: JP Marchant
Executive Producer: Marie Aitken
Production Design: Charlie Christensen
Art Director: Robert Allan Bechtel.
Camera/Light: Brad Goruk
Sound/BTS: Cameron Crane
Soundtrack: Max Wuerden
Sound Design/Mix: Nick Bohle

The movie is based on the English version of the German novel "Die Lokomotive" which will be published by Weltbild Verlag in 2017.

The German novel was turned into a radio play by Johannes Steck and his award winning team after the adaption to a radio play script was funded by the Filmstiftung NRW, Germany.

Thanks for their support: 

LIFS - The Lethbridge Independent Film Society
The City of Lethbridge and Dean Romeril
Epic Roofing & Exteriors Ltd.
National Salvage Lethbridge
Gail Hanrahan from the University
of Lethbridge
Peter Imhof
Gilles Leclair
James Moore
Anthony Manyfingers

Myriam Gerber
Andrea Cubala
Brian Edgar
David Fermer
Paulo da Costa

Our Kickstarter backers:
William Ramp
Linda Alexander
Michal Lavi
Suzanne Hepburn
Clifton Bertram
Jane Edmundson
Chester Trutch
Griffin Cork
Sandy Gervais
Clinton Baysinger
John Whitaker
Spencer Gingras


"Scarlet Glove" 

is a Super8 short that was recently accepted at a London Film Festival, England.

The short blurs the realms of fiction and real life. 

Shot partly in winter outside at about -28 degrees.

Woman - Aurora Eggert
Man - Nick Bohle

Dir: Charlie Christensen
Producer: JP Marchant, Thorsten Nesch, Brad Goruk, Charlie Christensen
DP: JP Marchant
CamOp: Brad Goruk

"Lockdown" (short)

During a school shooting a group of students flee into the library.

Erin Mick - as Ella
Griffin Cork - Olivér
Phillip Lewitski - Mike
Conner Christmas - Leon
Chris Schuler - Fabricé

Dir/Producer: JP Marchant
DP: Tiara Adams
Writer/Producer: Thorsten Nesch
Line Producer/Casting Dir: Garrett Bishoff
AD: Stacey Rae
CamOp: Brad Goruk
Sound Design & Re-Recording Mixer: Joel Varjassy
Gaffer & 1st AC: Tyler Heaton
Costumes: Rae Stephens
Costume Assistant: Lynne Schaaf
2nd AC: Sterling Clavelle
H&MU: Katt Panic
Key Grip & 2nd AD: Cody MacDiarmid
Armourer: Victor Nakatsuru

"Snake Alley"

A Super8 tale about the legendendary Lethbridge locale of SNAKE ALLEY - a portal through which urban adventurers can transcend time and space.

Shot as part of a Super8 Challenge for Edmonton's Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta. One Super8 film cartridge. No edits. No reshoots.

Garret M Scott - Pete
Brent Coulton - Brenty
Jane Edmundson - The Feminine Mystique
William Ramp - Cromag Man
JP Marchant - Honourary Order of Water Buffalo Guy
Victor Nakatsuru - WWI Tommy
Darcy Logan - Victorian Cad

Dir/Story: JP Marchant
Writer/producer: Thorsten Nesch
DP: Brad Goruk
PA: William Ramp   

This feature thriller is currently in pre-production.

Location scouting is finished, and the screenplay is polished. Casting is finished.

- cast & crew soon here.

Here on Youtube we introduce our business plan. You can still email us if you are seriously interested. 

This movie will mark the first collaboration of the writer/director team: Charlie Christensen & Thorsten Nesch